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Welcome To Stew York vinyl sticker | pay what you want drop

Welcome To Stew York vinyl sticker | pay what you want drop

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Drop #1: pay what you want for our WELCOME TO STEW YORK vinyl sticker. suggested price is $3.00 a sticker but seriously, pay whatever you want. whether that's $1 or $10... or $100? hey, we're dreamers here.

here's the deal... we ordered 1,000 stickers for our very first stealth drop, and we will never print these again. we know we're about one day old, but we're hopeful that this drop gets us moving in the right direction. ⁠

(but pls pay at least 60 cents so we can buy a stamp to mail it lmao). ⁠

all profits will be split 3 ways evenly:⁠

- 33% goes straight into the community fund, and our first giveaway will only be available to those of you that copped a sticker... and it'll be a banger of a prize, we promise.⁠

- 33% goes right back into our brand to gear up for our first official drop. we're reinvesting so that we can grow fast and make an impact asap.⁠

- 33% goes to whatever non-profit Breanna Stewart wants it to go to. we promise we're trying to use your homecoming for good. hit us up, Stewie. ⁠

become one of the first members of our boost(h)er club. we'll be YOUR biggest fans.

please note: orders are limited to 3 free stickers if you choose to pay below the suggested price. thanks for understanding :)

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